Mission Statement & Vision

“We keep the shared device surfaces, multiple people touch, disinfected all day, everyday”

We are in the business of creating innovative, simple, cost effective products which substantially reduce pathogens commonly found on shared devices. The most common high touch shared devices are remote controls, keyboards, phones, earpieces and headsets.

Our patent pending innovative technology and design for device disinfection has been engineered to be extremely effective against the most aggressive pathogens, such as MRSA, E. coli and C. difficile. The SteriDesign family of products have been independently laboratory tested to be effective against these life threatening pathogens.

SteriDesign has captured the future of clean disinfection by harnessing the power of ultra violet light. SteriDesign products are environmentally friendly, deploying technology that is safe, extremely convenient, low cost, energy efficient, low power, and highly effective in reducing pathogens without the use of chemicals.