SteriDesign is in the business of creating innovative, simple, cost effective product solutions which eliminate bacteria, germs, and viruses which are commonly found on multiple user device surfaces in the hospitality, hospital, and corporate markets. Examples of multiple user devices are Remote Controls, Keyboards, and phones.

Steridesign has created innovative designs for remote control and keyboard sterilization units. These units are designed to eliminate the most aggressive bacteria, germs, and viruses commonly found on multi user electronic device surfaces that lead to serious illness or disease.

With functionality in mind, SteriDesign units are designed to be versatile (fit a wide range of devices), easy to use, low cost, energy efficient and provide excellent performance in killing bacteria, germs and viruses.
All SteriDesign products are designed to be “environmental friendly” using an energy saving, low power, efficient design.  This is a “non-chemical” cleaning method that is safe, effective, cost efficient and easy to use.
We keep the shared device surfaces multiple people touch sterilized everyday, all day.